Advanced CGI delivering stunning results

What Is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is a powerful property marketing tool in which an empty plot is staged virtually using cgi.

When developing our virtual staging service we set out to provide a cost effective, fast and stylish alternative to physically dressing a property.

Whilst there will always be a place for an elegantly dressed show home, we aim to provide our customers with an option which is flexible and allows them to display more properties in different styles.



Why choose Virtual Staging?

Quick Turnaround

Better Listing Appeal

Variety of design options

Easily editable 

Research suggests that a furnished house will generate more interest online than an empty property.

The ability to virtually dress and stage a property room by room can bring a house to life and drive viewers to the property.



How does it work?

We can either scan or photograph the property, then you can select a style you would like. We then virtually dress the rooms with an expected 48hour turnaround.



Virtual Staging in Times of Social Distancing

Due to the current situation and subsequent social distancing, buyers can be hesitant to visit a  property in person. However, virtual staging is a great option during social distancing times, offering similar benefits at a much lower cost.